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Research presentation and publications

Research presentation and publications

Research presentation and publications :

Year 2022

1.)DEEPIT AJIT SHAH (19PE10009):

 Rathan, S., Shah, D. Construction and Comparative Study of Second Order Time Stepping Methods Based on IQ and IMQ-RBFs. Int. J. Appl. Comput. Math 8, 203 (2022).

2.) Sourav Ghosh(18CH10034) :

Ghosh Sourav and Pal Dipankar*, Diffusion and surface reaction in porous cubical catalyst: A mathematical approach, Recent Innovations in Chemical Engineering 2022; 15() .


Year 2021

1.) M Jayadeekshitha (18CH10027) , Nistala Venkata Subrahmanyam (18CH10025), Karthik Raj (18CH10002) :                             

 Research work on “Hydrophilic surface modification of polymeric membranes to improve antifouling property in Membrane Bioreactor: A Review” to be published in International Journal of Forensic Engineering in 2021

2.)Sai Rohith Muvva (18CH10018), S. Satya Prasanth (18CH10028), A V Sridhar (18CH10038) :

Written review article on "Surface engineering materials: a review based on applications " in Journal of Polymer and Composites in 2021.

3.)Vindhya Vasini Devi Kommaraju (18CH10030), K Mukesh Kumar(18CH10029):

Published research work on “Contributors to the research article Compo" sites of cellulose nanofibers and silver nanoparticles for malachite green dye removal from water in "Carbohydrate Polymer Technologies" and Applications in 2021.

Year 2020

1.)D Sree Karthik (17PE10015) ,Ruthala Sumanth (17PE10031) ,Voora Dheeraj (17PE10017) ,Ashok Deva Kumar(17PE10028):

Presented research work on “A CFD Analysis on Proppant Transport in Fracture for Foam-Based Fracturing Fluid” at 3rd International Biennial Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Conference (OGPC 2020), Iran, December 28th-29 th 2020.

2.)Konala Reshma Reddy (17PE10016):  

Published research work in the journal, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics D. Jaya Prasanna Kumar, Reshma Reddy Konala, Pratyush Dayal,"0D-2D heterostructures as nanocatalysts for self-oscillating reactions: An investigation into chemical kinetics" Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2020

3.)Uttam Gupta (17PE10040) :

1. Presented research work on "Wax Formation and Rheology study of Crude Oil samples from Cambay Basin"in the 3rd International Oil & Gas Chemistry, Chemicals and Additives Conference (IOGCA 2020) held virtually from 24th to 26th September 2020.

2.Presented and Published research work in journal, Natural Hazards S. Das, J. Mallik, S. Dhankhar, N. Suthar, A. K. Singh, V. Dutta, U. Gupta, G. Kumar, R. Singh, Applicationof Fracture Induced Electromagnetic Radiation (FEMR) technique to detect landslide-prone slip planes. Natural Hazards (2020) 101 505-535

4.)Koyyana Jahnavi(17PE10005) Konala Reshma Reddy (17PE10016) Naren Kumar Reddy Sabadu (17PE10008) :

Presented research work on “Computational Fluid 2020 Dynamics (CFD) Analysis of Flow Characteristics of Heavy Crude Oil-in-Water Emulsion through Pipelines” in The 3 rd  International Biennial Oil, Gasand Petrochemical Conference OGPC Bushehr, Iran 28-29 Dec. 2020.

5.)M Jayadeekshitha(18CH10027), Nistala Venkata Subrahmanyam (18CH10025) Karthik Raj (18CH10002):

1. Published review article on “Surface Modification of Polymeric Membranes Using Plasma Treatment: A Comprehensive Review” in Journal of Polymer & Composites
2.Published review article on “Low Temperature Plasma Treatment of Polymeric Membranes: A Comparative
3.Review” in International Journal of Polymer Science & Engineering.
4. Published review article on “Antibacterial Surfaces: A Comprehensive Review” in Journal of Polymer & Composites.

Year 2019

1.)D Sree Karthik (17PE10015) , Ruthala Sumanth(17PE10031), Voora Dheeraj (17PE10017) ,Ashok Deva Kumar (17PE10028):

Presented research work on “Rheological Study of Slick water Fluid Systems Consisting of High-Vis Friction Reducers Additives for Hydraulic Fracturing Applications” at 2nd IOGCA 2019, Ahmedabad, India, September 16th-17 th 2019.

Participation in various competitions held outside IIPE:

Year 2021

1.) Shashwat Harsh (18PE10010,  Manish Kumar(18PE10006) , Rishabh Bharadwaj(18PE10016)  :

Petro Vision - Poster Presentation  outstanding success in the PETRAGON 2.0  by SEG SPG EAGE PDEU Student Chapters  ( Batch 2018)

2.) Rishabh Bharadwaj(18PE10016), Manish Kumar(18PE10006), Shashwat Harsh (18PE10010) , Shashwat Singh (18PE10023):

Participated in the Semifinal Round of the international competition “Venezuela – Energy Solutions for the Future”   ( Batch 2018 Petroleum)

3.)Case Study Competition conducted by SPE RGIPT Student Chapter on the topic- "Well Drilling" - Designing Innovative Solution for the given Problem Statement in March, 2021  ( Batch 2018):

1.)Bhavya Kumari(18PE10040):  
Won Case Study Competition conducted by SPE RGIPT Student Chapter in March, 2021

Technical Paper (SPE number- 206602) on “Managing Gas Well Blowouts: Case Studies from Assam-Arakan & Krishna-Godavari Basin” selected, to be presented at SPE Russian Petroleum Technology Conference 2021, and later to be published on OnePetro.
1.)Rishabh Bharadwaj(18PE10016)
2.) Bhavya Kumari (18PE10040)
3.) Patel Astha(18PE10046)

4.)Kosireddy Ashok Deva Kumar (17PE10028):

Secured First Place in Petr-O-Probe International Level Quiz Competition of Petrovision'21 conducted by AC Tech, Anna University SPE Student Chapter from 26th to 28th March, 2021.

5.)Chidurala Hruthi (18CH10037) Rahul Bajaj (18CH10031) :

Secured 2nd place in an online team event at Chemfluence organised by Association of Chemical Engineers, Anna university on 16th March 2021.

6.)Gollapalli Rahul Surya (18PE10044) :

Secured 1st place in the National Level Inter University Quiz competition (for UG and PG students) conducted by VIT Bhopal as a part of National Science Week celebrations

7.) Ayush Tyagi (18PE10036) :

Grant recipient for the 2021 American Association of Petroleum Geologists Foundation L. Austin Weeks Undergraduate Grant Program in The AAPG Foundation'sL. Austin Weeks Undergraduate Grant program annually awards deserving undergraduate level geoscience students and student-led geoscience associations with $500 grants.

8.)Ujjawal Kumar(19CH10050):

TEQIP-3 (Three Day Online Workshop) on March 2021.

9.)Balaji Anandhan(18PE10039):

Won CompTIA Pentest+ certificate. This is a hacking certificate from a recognized institution (It’s a written Examination) on 'February 2021.

10.)Balaji Anandhan(18PE10039):

Have done cyber security internship with Gurugram Cyber Cell. The internship was conducted from June 2021 to July 2021. The name of the internship is GPCSSI (Gurugram Police Cyber Security Summer Internship). In that internship a CTF event was also conducted in which practically hacked websites and systems on July 2021.

11.)Neralla Lakshmi Narasimha Murty(17PE10030):

Secured AIR 153 in Gate 2021 PE on 'March 2021

 12.)Gorle Bhanu Prakash(19PE10024):


13.)Shashwat Harsh(18PE10010):

Rank 7 in category C(undergraduates) of LIMIT 2021 competition, an International Online Mathematics Competition, organized by the students and scholars of Indian Statistical Institute (ISI) Bangalore. Also Got selected for Limit Math Camp organized by ISI for top 50 students on 2021,July

Year 2020

1.)Shashwat Singh (18PE10023) ,Rishabh Bharadwaj (18PE10016) ,Shashwat Harsh (18PE10010), Manish Kumar (18PE10006) :

Secured first position in International case study competition, conducted by UPES and Reliance E&P Academy.

2.)Pranay Sinha(18PE10012):

Secured second prize in Reading Cement Bog log quiz organized by Petroleum Engineers Association  

3.)Gollapalli Rahul Surya (18PE10044):

Secured 3rd place (18-28 yrs UG & PG state category) in National level Essay writing Competition conducted by Heartfullness org in collaboration with UNIC.

4.)Chappidi Raviteja (19PE10019):
Essay and Poster competition' held on 'National Unity Day 2020' 3rd place in poster competition on 2020, October

5.)Sunkari Satya Prasanth (18CH10028):

There was an article writing competition held by iEEE on 3 topics use of robots in future, radial bio hacking, nanotechnology for the next generation. won the merit prize(1st) in the article writing competition on 15/09/2020.

Year 2019

1.)Kosireddy Ashok Deva Kumar(17PE10028) , Dangeti Sree Karthik - 17PE10015 & Ruthala Sumanth - 17PE10031 & Navneet Kumar - Research Scholar IIT KGP

Presented a Conference Paper in IOGCA 2019. Paper Title – “Rheological Study of Slickwater Fluid Systems Consisting of High-Vis Friction Reducers Additives for Hydraulic Fracturing Applications”. On 'September’ 2019

2.)G Bhanu Prakash (19PE10024) , Priyam Choudhary 19PE10035 Yenni Pavan Kiran 19CH10022 Akash 19PE10030 J S R P Ganesh Chakravarthi 19PE10026 Rongala Rama Sri Chandra 19CH10039 Uday Teja 19PE10021 Nikhil Prasad 19PE10024 Barat Asuthosh Kumar 19PE10043 Dova Amos 19PE10004 Ayush Vats 19PE10046 Athar Rizwan 19CH10020: