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1. Programme

The Institute provides facilities for research leading to the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D). The award of the Ph.D. degree is made on the basis of satisfactory performance of a registered candidate in

  1. Prescribed course work, comprehensive examination & seminar

  2. Publication of original research work in reputed journals/conferences or award of patents/technology transfer etc.

  3. The thesis submitted by the candidate and a final viva voce. The thesis shall be the report of research work characterized by either discovery of new facts or a new interpretation of known facts and theory, or an independent design and development, or development of new instrument/technology

2. Research Areas

Areas of research available in the different fields are listed on website at . IIPE is also engaged in interdisciplinary work with research groups.

3. Eligibility Criteria for Admission

3.1. Minimum qualifying degree required for seeking admission to the Ph.D. program


  1. M.Tech (Master of Technology) / MS / ME (Master of Engineering)/ M.Sc.(Engg.,) with a consistent first-class record

  2. A degree equivalent to any of the above with a consistent first-class record



  1. B.Tech. (Bachelor of Technology)/ BE (Bachelor of Engineering)/ B.Sc (Engg.) with a consistent first-class record

  2. M.Sc. (Master of Science) with a consistent first-class record

  3. A degree equivalent to any of the above with a consistent first-class record

3.2. All candidates seeking admission to the Ph.D. program under the categories mentioned above shall have to possess requisite marks/grades in the qualifying degree as shown below:

Minimum 60% or first class (55% for SC/ST) in the qualifying examination in Engineering /Science/ and/or equivalent

3.3. Additional Requirements for different Admission category

I. Regular with Institute Assistantship

  1. Candidates who are having minimum qualifying degree as mentioned above in 3.1. and 3.2. should have to possess a valid GATE score or NET qualification with Assistant Professorship for the award of Institute Research Assistantship.

  2. Candidates with a master’s degree in Engineering or Technology after qualifying GATE is also eligible for Institute Research Assistantship.

  3. A person who is in employment and is applying for Institute Assistantship and selected for admission, he/she must resign and produce the acceptance of resignation by the employer at the time of joining or produce a document that he/she is not receiving any salary from his/her employer along with proper document of sanctioned leave.

  4. The Institute Research Assistantship shall be awarded for a maximum period of 5 years. At present the amounts are as follows:

  • Rs. 31,000/- pm for first 2 years

  • Rs. 35,000/- pm for next 3 years

  • Contingencies amount: Rs. 30,000/- Per annum

  1. No Research Student shall be permitted to receive any other emoluments, salary, stipend or any other scholarship/assistantship during the tenure of Institute Research Assistantship.

II. Individual Fellowship (CSIR/UGC/DBT/ICAR/INSPIRE etc.)

  1. All candidates applying for Individual Fellowship category must have valid award letter with fellowship issued by the respective funding agency (i.e. CSIR/UGC/ DST/DBT/ICMR etc.).

  2. Candidates having provisional Individual Fellowship award letter must give an undertaking that “In case of cancelation/withdrawal of Provisional award of fellowship by the funding agency, the admission at IIPE Visakhapatnam will be cancelled from the date of joining the Ph.D programme and there is no liability on the part of IIPE in this regard”.

III. Ph.D. through Project

  1. Candidates who possess the prescribed qualifications as mentioned in eligibility criteria and are working in a sponsored project in the Institute shall be eligible for admission to the Ph.D. program under project category.

  2. An intending candidate must submit his/her application in prescribed form for admission through Principal Investigator, Head of the Department and Dean (Research and Development) with suitable endorsement.

  3. The minimum remaining period of the project as well as tenure of the project employee should be at least 2 years from the date of joining the Ph.D. program.

IV. QIP/Sponsored candidates in Engineering and Sciences

  1. Candidates fulfilling the above eligibility criteria and selected/ sponsored under the Quality Improvement Program (QIP) as per State/Central Govt., Human Resources Ministries/ Technical Education Boards are eligible in this category.

  2. Persons who possess the minimum prescribed qualifications as mentioned in 3.1. and 3.2. (without GATE/NET) and are in service in any of the following establishments with Minimum of two-year job experience shall be eligible for admission to the Ph.D. program as sponsored candidates:

  • Defense or other ministries of the Government of India or any other government organizations;

  • Established industrial research and development organizations;

  • Autonomous bodies and public undertakings;

  • Universities/colleges;

  • Reputed industries related to the objective of the institute as may be recognized by the Institute.

  1. An intending sponsored candidate must submit his/her application in prescribed form along with No objection cum sponsorship certificate (Appendix II) for admission through his/her employer, who will forward the same to the Institute with suitable endorsement.

  2. A sponsored candidate selected for admission shall be required, at the time of joining the Institute, to produce certificate in the prescribed form from the employers to the effect: (i) that he/she has been officially released from his duties for purpose of joining the program and has been granted leave for the required period; (ii) that his services shall be retained with the employer.

  3. There is no provision of any financial assistance for sponsored candidates.

3.4. B. Tech and MSc from IITs or IIPE

B. Tech degree, Dual Degree (B. Tech & M. Tech), 5 year Integrated MSc degree, 2 year MSc degree (admitted through JAM) holders having final CGPA >= 8.00 from Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) and IIPE may be considered for direct admission in Ph.D programme with Institute Research Assistantship.

3.5. Special Notes

  1. Department may fix additional admission criteria without compromising the eligibility criteria mentioned here.

  2. Mere fulfilment of eligibility criteria does not give guarantee for admission to the PhD programme.

  3. Any document will be considered as valid if that is valid on or after the date of admission.

  4. The decision of IIPE regarding determination of equivalent degree is final and binding to all applicants.

4. Application Procedure

Interested candidates can obtain the prescribed application format which can be downloaded from the bottom of this page. Filled application and self-attested copies of the following documents should be emailed as a single PDF to 

  1. Copy of the Mark sheets and Certificates of 10th, 12th, Bachelor degree, Master Degree
  2. Copy of the GATE score or CSIR-UGC NET qualified certificate
  3. Category certificate

After application through email, send the hardcopy of filled and signed application form, self-attested photocopies of all relevant certificate in one single envelop named as “APPLICATION FOR PhD IN THE FIELD OF.........................” to the following address:

Deputy Registrar,

Indian Institute of Petroleum & Energy Visakhapatnam,

2nd Floor, AU Engineering College Main Block, Andhra University, Visakhapatnam,

Andhra Pradesh 530003.


Note that the filled forms that are not received in hard copy before the deadline or that are incomplete will not be considered. 

N.B. The candidates shortlisted for test & interview will be informed through email only.

5. Selection and Admission

The admission of a candidate to the Ph.D. program is recommended by the Institute Academic Committee (IAC) on the basis of

  1. Overall Academic Performance

  2. Written/Computer Test or Interview or both

6. Payment of fees and deposits:

Every Research Scholar shall be required to pay at the time of joining the following items of fees, at rates as in force for the time being:

(a) Non-refundable

Onetime fee: Hostel Admission, Medical Examination, Student Welfare fund, Alumni Subscription and Modernisation.

Semester Fee: Tuition fee*, Registration Fee, Examination Fee, Student Amenities, Laboratory Fee, Electricity and Water Charges etc., Hostel Charges.

(b) Refundable

  1. Institution Caution Money ii. Hall Caution Money

* 100% tuition fees waiver for SC/ST/PwD students.

* The above fees are subjected to revision from time to time.

Detail about the fee structure can be seen from our website.

7. Enrolment and course work:

A candidate is required to enrol for the Ph.D. program to carry out research work under a supervisor from amongst the faculty of the Institute. A Research Scholar, including a Faculty member enrolled for Ph.D programme, must have a Supervisor, though he/she may be from exceptionally good academic background having research exposure.

All candidates enrolled for the Ph.D. program are required to complete the course work as prescribed below:

  1. English for Technical Writing (compulsory)

  2. A set of subjects to be recommended by the DSC considering the student’s skill requirements for the research work to be under taken by the student and his (or her) academic background to have a credit loading as under.

  1. For students admitted on the basis of M.Tech. or equivalent degree:

Lower limit: 10, Upper Limit: 20

  1. For students admitted on the basis on M.Tech. or equivalent degree, who had done their qualifying degree 8 years before the admission:

Lower limit: 20, Upper Limit: 40.

  1. For students admitted on the basis of B.Tech., M.Sc. or equivalent degree:

Lower Limit: 20, Upper Limit: 40.

  1. For students admitted on the basis on B.Tech., M.Sc. or equivalent degree, who had done their qualifying degree 8 years before the admission:

Lower Limit: 40.

Candidates assigned course work must obtain, in the 7-scale grading system, a grade not lower than ‘C’ in each of the subjects. If the grade obtained by a candidate in any subject is below ‘C’, the candidate is required to repeat that subject and clear it with a grade not lower than ‘C’. Should the candidate fail to clear the course work within 1 year of enrolment, the DSC may review the performance of the student and recommend a change of course work.

In addition to the assigned course work requirement a candidate is also required to show, before he/she submits the synopsis, proficiency in one of the interdisciplinary subject.

8. Registration

  1. A candidate is required to give a seminar talk on the topic of his research within three years of enrolment or within one year of completion of the course work as the case may be. The seminar talk will be delivered to an open audience with members of the D.S.C. and IAC present. If the seminar is satisfactory the candidate will be allowed to register for the degree. However, if the DSC and IAC is not satisfied by the seminar talk, the candidate will be required to deliver another talk with suitable modification or improvement within the next 3 months. The registration seminar should normally be held within three (3) calendar years of enrolment of a student. Should the candidate fail to clear the registration seminar even on second attempt the enrolment shall be cancelled and the student shall be asked to leave.

  2. Registration of a candidate for the Ph.D. degree shall be effective, normally, from the date of enrolment and shall remain valid for a period of 08 (eight) years. The registration of a candidate may be deferred by the DSC and IAC on account of unsatisfactory progress. A candidate will be required to submit the thesis before the expiry of the registration period. In the event of a candidate failing to submit his thesis within the period, the registration shall lapse automatically.

9. Seminar and Synopsys of Research Work

Prior to submission of the thesis the candidate will submit the synopsis of the thesis and present a seminar to an open audience in which besides others the D.S.C. and D.A.C. (PG&R) members will be present. The seminar lecture will test the candidate’s depth of knowledge and progress in his/her research. The candidate shall be allowed to submit his/her thesis for the Ph.D. degree only when the D.S.C. is satisfied about the work. If the D.S.C. is not satisfied with the quality of the work or the general preparation of the candidate, the candidate will have to appear again for the seminar within a maximum period of six months. The thesis must be submitted within one month after the D.S.C. approves the submission on the basis of this seminar.

10. Thesis and Defence

On successful completion of the seminar the DSC will recommend to the Senate a panel of ten experts, from India and/or abroad, to examine the thesis (not more than 5 persons in the list shall be from India). The thesis shall be forwarded to two experts from the panel who shall submit report separately on the thesis and forward their recommendation to the Registry. Once the reports of the examiners have been accepted as satisfactory the candidate will have to defend his/her thesis before a viva voce board consisting of all DSC members and the Indian ‘external’ examiner.

11. Award of Degree

A student who has completed satisfactorily all prescribed requirements and has cleared all fees and dues payable to the Institute and the Hostels shall be eligible for the award of Ph. D. degree of the Institute by the Board of Governors on the recommendation of the Senate. The degree shall be awarded at the annual convocation for the academic session in which the student completes the requirements satisfactorily.

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