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1.PhD Programme

The Institute provides facilities for research leading to the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD). The award of the PhD. degree is made on the basis of satisfactory performance of a registered candidate in

i.   Prescribed course work, comprehensive examination & seminar

ii.   ii. Publication of original research work in reputed journals/conferences or award of patents/technology transfer etc.

iii.   iii. The thesis submitted by the candidate and a final viva voce. The thesis shall be the report of research work characterized by either discovery of new facts or a new interpretation of known facts and theory, or an independent design and development, or development of new instrument/technology.

2. Research Areas

Areas of research available in the different fields are listed on website at IIPE is also engaged in interdisciplinary work with research groups.

3. Eligibility Criteria for Admission

3.1. Minimum qualifying degree required for seeking admission to the Ph.D. program

I.   An applicant must have a Master’s Degree (M.Tech/ MS/ ME/ M.Sc) in Engineering/Technology or a degree equivalent to any of the above in relevant subject after qualifying GATE with consistent First Class/ division or a minimum 60% marks or a minimum 6.5 CGPA on a 10 point scale (55% or 6.0 CGPA for ST/SC).


II.   An applicant must have a Bachelor Degree (B.Tech/ BE) in Engineering/ Technology or a degree equivalent to any of the above in relevant subject with consistent First Class/ division or a minimum 60% marks or a minimum 6.5 CGPA on a 10 point scale (55% or 6.0 CGPA for ST/SC). .


III.   An applicant must have a Master Degree (M.Sc/ M.Tech/ MS/ ME) in Science/ an allied area or a degree equivalent to any of the above in relevant subject with consistent First Class/ division or a minimum 60% marks or a minimum 6.5 CGPA on a 10 point scale (55% or 6.0 CGPA for ST/SC).

3.2 Additional Requirements for different Admission category

3.2.1.Regular with Institute Research Assistantship  (Apply Here).

a.   A valid GATE or UGC or CSIR-NET or NBHM score is required for the award of Institute Research Assistantship.

b.   Candidates with a master’s degree in Engineering or Technology after qualifying GATE is also eligible for Institute Research Assistantship.

c.  Eligibility Criteria for vacancy under Institute Assistantship in the following disciplines



Eligibility Criteria



MSc in any branch of life sciences or M.Tech/B.Tech in Biotechnology/Bio-informatics



B.Tech/MSc or MTech in any branch of Chemistry/Chemical Sciences/Material Science



MSc/MTech in any branch of Mathematics or B.Tech in Mathematics and Computing


Chemical Engineering

(i) Master’s degree in Chemical Engg or any other discipline of Engg. or Technology or equivalent. (eg: Environmental, Energy, Polymer, Electrical, Control systems, Artificial Intelligence etc.)
(ii) Science/ Mathematics postgraduates with exceptional merit in the appropriate field.
(iii) B.Tech/ B.E in Chemical Engg, allied disciplines (eg. petroleum, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, environmental, polymer, biochemical, biotechnology, electrochemical, electrical, instrumentation,) and other disciplines of engg/ technology with exceptional merit


Computer Science and Engineering

GATE in CSE and IT, MTech in CSE


Earth Sciences

M.Sc./ M.Tech in Mathematics, Geology and Geophysics.


Electrical Engineering

GATE in EE, M.Tech in Power electronics, Power Systems.


Mechanical Engineering

GATE in ME, M.Tech in Thermal, IC engines & Energy. **Remark: Production, Manufacturing and Design M.Tech students need not apply


Petroleum Engineering

(i) M. Tech. in Petroleum, Chemical, Petrochemical, CSE, Mechanical, Civil
(ii) M.Sc. in Chemistry, Mathematics, Geology and Geophysics
(iii) B. Tech. in Petroleum Engg

d.  A person who is in employment and is applying for Institute Assistantship and selected for admission, he/she must resign and produce the acceptance of resignation by the employer at the time of joining or produce a document that he/she is not receiving any salary from his/her employer along with proper document of sanctioned leave.

e.   The Institute Research Assistantship shall be awarded for a maximum period of 5 years. At present the amounts are as follows:<

         •   Rs. 31,000/- pm for first 2 years

         •   Rs. 35,000/- pm for next 3 years

         •   Contingencies amount: Rs. 30,000/- Perannum

f.   No Research Student shall be permitted to receive any other emoluments, salary, stipend or any other scholarship/assistantship during the tenure of Institute Research Assistantship.

3.2.2 Individual Fellowship (CSIR/UGC/DBT/ICAR/INSPIRE etc.)  (Apply Here).

a. All candidates applying for the Individual Fellowship category must have a valid award letter with fellowship issued by the respective funding agency (i.e. CSIR/UGC/DST/DBT/ICMR etc.) along with the eligibility criterion as mentioned in 3.1.

b. Candidates having provisional Individual Fellowship award letter must give an undertaking that “In case of cancelation/withdrawal of Provisional award of fellowship by the funding agency, the admission at IIPE Visakhapatnam will be cancelled from the date of joining the Ph.D program and there is no liability on the part of IIPE in this regard”.

3.2.3   . Ph.D. through Project  (Apply Here).

a.   Candidates who possess the prescribed qualifications as mentioned in the eligibility criteria as mentioned in 3.1 and are working on a sponsored project in the Institute shall be eligible for admission to the Ph.D. program under the project category.

b.   An intending candidate must submit his/her application in prescribed form for admission through Principal Investigator, Head of the Department and Dean (Research and Development) with suitable endorsement.

c.   The minimum remaining period of the project as well as tenure of the project employee should be at least 2 years from the date of joining the Ph.D. program.

3.2.4. Sponsored candidates (External) in Engineering and Sciences  (Apply Here).

a.  Persons with First Class in Graduation and are in service in any of the following establishments with minimum of three (3) years job experience shall be eligible for admission to the Ph.D. program as sponsored candidates (External).
• Public Sector Undertaking (PSU)
• Petroleum & Natural Gas, Coal, Earth Sciences, Chemical & Fertilizer, Defence
• or other ministries of the Government of India or any other government
• organizations
• Established industrial R&D organizations.
• Autonomous bodies and National Laboratories.
• Reputed industries as may be recognized by the Institute

b.   These candidates must have a Supervisor (internal) from the Institute (IIPE) and an external supervisor (optional) from their parent organization where they will be doing the research work.

c.  The competence of these candidates will be assessed along with the regular candidates.

d.   After joining, the rules and regulations as specified by the Institution (IIPE) for regular candidates with regard to academic performance will remain applicable for candidates under this category also.

e.   The candidate should submit a Sponsorship Certificate (Format available on website) from the organization, in which s/he is employed, at the time of application giving an undertaking that s/he would be released from the normal duties to fulfil the coursework requirement. The certificate should also provide details of facilities relevant to the research programme and available to the candidate.

f.  The candidate has to complete the course-work immediately after joining the programme within a period of one to two semesters. Depending on the student's background and the programme requirements, an additional semester may be needed to complete the coursework.

g.  After fulfilling the course-work at the Institute, these candidates will be allowed to register for Ph.D.

h.   The selected candidates will have a Doctoral Scrutiny Committee (DSC) as per the existing regulations.

i.   The candidate will have to submit a yearly progress report and appear for seminars every year after his/her registration. In addition, the candidate will have to appear for a comprehensive examination (viva voce only) before registration seminar.

j.   The minimum duration of Ph.D program for such candidates is 3 years and the maximum tenure is 8 years from the date of enrolment..

k.  The tuition fee for sponsored category (External) will be ₹25000.00 per semester.

l.   Persons working in colleges/universities are not eligible under this category and rather apply under QIP category.

m.   There is no provision of any financial assistance for sponsored candidates.

3.2.5. QIP ( (Quality Improvement Program) category  (Apply Here).

a.  Candidates fulfilling the eligibility criteria as mentioned in 3.1 (Without GATE/ CSIRNET/UGC/ NBHM) and a minimum of three (3) years teaching experience as full-time regular/permanent teachers of AICTE/UGC-approved Degree level Institutions are eligible to apply.

b.   An intending sponsored candidate under QIP category must submit his/her application in the prescribed form along with No objection certificate (Format available on website) for admission through his/her employer, who will forward the same to the Institute with suitable endorsement.

c.   They are expected to be released for fulltime course work and research at the Institute for a minimum period of three (3) years

d.   The candidate has to complete the coursework immediately after joining the program within a period of one to two semesters. Depending on the student's background and the program requirements, an additional semester may be needed to complete the coursework. After fulfilling the coursework at the Institute, these candidates will be allowed to register for Ph.D.

e.   A sponsored candidate under QIP Category selected for admission shall be required, at the time of joining the Institute, to produce certificate in the prescribed form from the employers to the effect: (i) that he/she has been officially released from his duties for purpose of joining the program and has been granted leave for the required period; (ii) that his services shall be retained with the employer.

f.  There is no provision for any financial assistance for QIP candidates.

3.3. Degrees from IITs/IISc/IIPE/RGIPT

B.Tech degree, Dual Degree (B.Tech & M.Tech), 5 year Integrated MSc degree, 2 year MSc degree (admitted through JAM) holders having final CGPA >= 8.0 on a 10.0 point scale or 75% (7.0 CGPA or 65% for SC/ST) from Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs), Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Indian Institute of Petroleum and Energy (IIPE) and Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Petroleum and Technology (RGIPT) may be considered for direct admission in Ph.D programme with Institute Research Assistantship

3.4. Special Notes

a.   Department may fix additional admission criteria without compromising the eligibility criteria mentioned here.

b.   Mere fulfilment of eligibility criteria does not give guarantee for admission to the PhD programme.

c.   Any document will be considered as valid if that is valid on or after the date of admission.

d.  The decision of IIPE regarding determination of equivalent degree is final and binding to all applicants.

e.  A scholar may be permitted by Dean Academic Affairs to withdraw from the programme for a semester or longer for reasons of ill health or other valid grounds duly recommended by the Doctoral Committee. Normally a scholar will be permitted to discontinue from the programme only for a maximum continuous period of two semesters.

4. Selection and Admission

The admission of a candidate to the Ph.D. program is recommended by the Institute Academic Committee (IAC) on the basis of

        i. Overall Academic Performance

      ii. Written/Computer Test or Interview or both

For any enquiry please write to :


CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD No Objection-Cum-Sponsorship Certificate for QIP Candidate(Appendix-I)

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD Sponsorship Certificate for Ph.D. Candidate (External)(Appendix-II)

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD Particulars of Co-supervisor for Sponsored candidate (External)(Appendix-III)