Himangshu Kakati

Associate Professor , Department of Petroleum Engineering & Earth Sciences

Research Interest:

  • Gas hydrate
  • Enhance Oil Recovery (EOR)
  • Hydraulic Fracturing Fluid Design
  • Drilling fluid for Unconventional Resources 



Department of Petroleum Engineering and Earth Sciences

Indian Institute of Petroleum and Energy, Visakhapatnam

Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh-530003

Phone: 0891-285-6034

Email: himangshu.petro@iipe.ac.in

Teaching Interests

  • Reservoir Engineering
  • Oil & Gas Well Testing
  • Unconventional Hydrocarbon Resources
  • Petroleum Engineering System Design


PhD in Petroleum Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology (ISM) Dhanbad

MTech in Petroleum Technology from Dibrugarh University

BE in Mechanical Engineering from Assam Engineering College

Professional Experience

  • March, 2024 to present: Associate Professor, IIPE, Visakhapatnam
  • July, 2018 – March, 2024: Assistant Professor, IIPE, Visakhapatnam
  • December, 2016 – June, 2018: Assistant Professor, DIT University, Dehradun.

Member of Professional Bodies

  • Professional member of Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE)

Journal Publications

  1. Kakati H, Kar S, Mandal A, Laik, S. Methane Hydrate Formation and Dissociation in Oil-in-Water Emulsion. Energy & Fuels 2014.
  2. Kakati H, Mandal A, Laik S. Phase Stability and Kinetics of CH4 + CO2 + N2 Hydrates in Synthetic Seawater and Aqueous Electrolyte Solutions of NaCl and CaCl2. Journal of Chemical Engineering & Data 2015.
  3. Kakati H, Mandal A, Laik S. Effect of SDS/THF on thermodynamic and kinetic properties of formation of hydrate from a mixture of gases (CH4+C2H6+C3H8) for storing gas as hydrate. Journal of Energy Chemistry 2016.
  4. Kakati H, Mandal A, Laik S. Promoting effect of Al2O3/ZnO – based nanofluid stabilized by SDS surfactant on CH4+C2H6+C3H8 hydrate formation. Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry 2016.
  5. Kakati H, Mandal A, Laik S. Synergistic effect of Polyvinyl Pyrrolidone (PVP) and Ltyrosine on kinetic inhibition of CH4+C2H4+C3H8 hydrate formation. Journal of Natural Gas Science and Engineering 2016.
  6. Kar S, Kakati H, Mandal A, Laik, S. Experimental and modeling study of kinetics for methane hydrate formation in crude oil-in-water emulsion. Petroleum Science 2016.
  7. Pandey R, Kakati H, Mandal A, Laik, S. Thermodynamic Modeling of Equilibrium Conditions of CH4/CO2/N2 Clathrate Hydrate in Presence of Aqueous Solution of Sodium Chloride Inhibitor. Petroleum Science and Technology 2017.
  8. Maddirala, R., Kakati, H., Shukla, R., Jain, R., Ghosh, S., Mishra, D. A., Pramanik, R., Dhanraj, A., Dey, P., Dubey, A., & Sharma, A. (2024). Investigating the impact of pulsed plasma-based shockwave technology on the characteristics of Indian crude oil. Geoenergy Science and Engineering, 233, 212531.

Research Projects

1. "Experimental Studies on the Applicability of PP Based Shock Wave Generation Technology for EOR Jobs"  BRNS (As Co-PI)
2.  "A study on Geo-mechanical stability of Gas Hydrate bearing sediments for production from Indian Offshore region" SERB (PI)

Administrative Responsibilities:

  • HOD
  • Hostel Warden 

Phd Students:

  • Mr. Raghavendra Maddirala - Ongoing
  • Mr Tirthabasa Acharya - Ongoing
  • Mr Duvvada Vamsikrishna - Ongoing
  • Mr Sanju Kuri - Ongoing
  • Shri Mousumi Das- Ongoing

Invited Lecture

  • " Unconventional Hydrocarbon E&P " at AICTE Training and Learning (ATAL) Academy, Dibrugarh University, Dibrugarh.
  • " Gas Production from Hydrate Reservoir " at  Presidency University, Bengaluru.
  • "Introduction to Unconventionals: Gas Hydrate" at IIT(ISM) Dhanbad