S.No PI/Co-PI Project Title Funding Agency Duration status
1 PI: Dr. Aparoy P Development of 5-LOX specific scoring function and application of fragment based free energy methods for the development of novel anticancer drug candidates ICMR 3 years Ongoing
2 PI: Dr. Aparoy P Structure based design of nanobody inhibitors against EGFR: A Protein engineering approach to develop novel therapeutics for lung cancer (ICMR) ICMR 3 years Ongoing
3 PI: Dr. S. Rathan Design and development of numerical schemes for hyperbolic systems of conservation laws NBHM 3 years Ongoing
5 PI: Dr. Ch Gupta Chandaluri Block Copolymer–DNA based Template for Conductivity Tunable Polyaniline Electronic Devices DST-INSPIRE 5 years Ongoing
6 PI: Dr. Kumud Malika Tripathi Development of ultra-sensitive sensors based on graphene quantum dots for the non-invasive diagnoses of cancer via breath analysis DBT 5 years Ongoing
7 C0-PI: Dr. Kumud Malika Tripathi Utilization of Low Grade Coal For Production of High Quality Graphene and Carbon Nano-particles for Energy Storage. Northern Coalfields-India 3 years Sanctioned
8 PI: Dr. Aparoy P Development of 12- LOX specific scoring function and pharmacophore model: Design and biological evaluation of novel natural product derived inhibitors ICMR 3 years Completed