News/Upcoming Events

  • 1.PhD Admissions are open at IIPE Visakhapatnam
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  • 2.Dr. P. Aparoy wins the Best Faculty Award for the year 2022.
  • 3. Rathan, S., Shah, D. Construction and Comparative Study of Second Order Time Stepping Methods Based on IQ and IMQ-RBFs. Int. J. Appl. Comput. Math 8, 203 (2022).
  • 4. Kulandaisamy et al., Repurposing of FDA Approved Drugs Against SARS-CoV-2 Papain-Like Protease: Computational, Biochemical, and in vitro Studies. Frontiers in Microbiology. 13, 877813; 2022..
  • 5. Kumar Reddy Kakularam, Felix Karst, Aparoy Polamarasetty, Igor Ivanov, Dagmar Heydeck, Hartmut Kuhn. Paralog- and ortholog-specificity of inhibitors of human and mouse lipoxygenase-isoforms. Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy. 145, 112434; 2022.
  • 6. Maurya R. S., Jayanthi S., Chandaluri Ch. G., Radhakrishnan T. P., Monitoring Molecular Microparticles through the Amorphous-to-Crystalline Transformation and Fluorescence Enhancement/Tuning. Chem. Mater. 2022, 34, 244−253

About Us

The Department of Humanities & Sciences (H&S) at IIPE has started journey along with the department of Petroleum and Chemical Engineering in 2016 aiming to form bridge between fundamental and practical knowledge. The department plays a pivotal role in the academic curriculum offering both core and elective courses for the UG (B.Tech.) and Doctoral (Ph.D.) programme. The department has been actively involved in setting up an advanced research facility that house various sophisticated equipment and characterization tools for carrying out cutting-edge research. The research focuses of H&S are Electrocatalyst, Alternative Energy Materials, Device & Sensor fabrication, Bioinformatics-Structural biology, Sparse Representation Theory, Numerical Analysis etc. The department provides a scientific platform to the young engineer and research students to fulfil their research endeavour. The faculty fraternity acts as students’ mentor, guide and nurture them to understand the balance between Life-Technology-Society and Humanity.