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Offering both undergraduate (B.Tech) and postgraduate (PhD) programs, the Department of Chemical Engineering aims to provide students with the extensive knowledge they need to be a part of the Energy Sector in the Indian Industrial space. The courses provided are a balanced mix of traditional areas—reaction engineering, thermodynamics, process control, etc.—and emerging areas—waste management, renewable energy, machine learning, nanoscience, etc.—of chemical engineering. Students are given hands-on experience with various simulation software (MATLAB, Aspen, Fluent), along with access to laboratories which have the latest equipment and machinery

  • The department faculty are involved in industrial consultancy and various sponsored involved in various research projects, particularly interdisciplinary ones, in collaboration with industry. The focus areas of this research in the department include distribution networks, energy storage, surface and plasma engineering, water treatment, machine learning, and pollution abatement, to name a few. .
  • With support from Indian PSUs in the oil and natural gas sectors (Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited (HPCL), Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL), Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC), Gas Authority of India Ltd. (GAIL), etc.), the Department of Chemical Engineering continually strives to create an environment wherein students can not only learn, but also experience and implement; to become highly motivated individuals with the skill and knowledge required to make a difference in the Chemical Industry.

From the Head of the Department

The Department of Chemical Engineering was established in 2016 to achieve the objectives of IIPE, i.e., providing skilled personnel for the Oil and Natural Gas industry.

  • The department started its operation with a B.Tech. Chemical Engineering Program and an intake of 50 students. Subsequently, Ph.D. and Masters's degree programs are incorporated in the years 2020 and 2022 respectively.
  • Process Modeling and Simulation, Energy Management, Transport Modeling, Pollution Abatement, Catalysis and Reaction Engineering, Multiphase modeling and molecular simulations, Adsorption Separation, and Polymers are the focus areas of research in the department, especially from the perspective of the oil and gas sector.
  • The faculty in the department are involved in industrial consultancy and sponsored research projects. The department is steadily building up the laboratory infrastructure necessary for UG, PG, and research activities. With the steady increase in faculty research consultancies and sponsored projects, the department is progressing in the right direction of success.
  • The department has an active IIChE student chapter. The department organizes webinars and tech talks to improve both the technical and behavioral skills of students.


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Programs Offered

The Department of Chemical Engineering, IIPE Visakhapatnam offers the following programs.


The admission into the program is based on rank secured in JEE advanced examination.

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The admission into the program is based on the GATE examination/ writen test and interview conducted by the department.

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B.Tech.Chemical Engineering is the first program that has been offered from the inception of the department. Admission into this program is based on JEE advanced rank secured by the candidates. Click on the explore button for more details about the JEE advanced examination.


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Dr. Dipankar Pal

Assistant Professor Email: dipankar.che@iipe.ac.in

Dr. Hemanth Kumar Tanneru

Assistant Professor Email: hemanth.che@iipe.ac.in

Dr. Mounika Balla

Assistant Professor Email : mounika.che@iipe.ac.in

Dr. Raka Mondal

Assistant Professor Email: rakam.che@iipe.ac.in

Dr. Ravi Kumar Sonwani

Assistant Professor Email: ravikumar.che@iipe.ac.in

Dr. Ravi Kiran Mandapaka

Assistant Professor Email: ravikiran.che@iipe.ac.in

Dr. Seshagiri Rao Ambati

Professor Email: seshagiri.che@iipe.ac.in

Dr. Sridhar Palla

Assistant Professor Email: sridharpalla.che@iipe.ac.in

Dr. P. Venkata Reddy

Assistant Professor Email : venkat_palleti.che@iipe.ac.in

Dr. Venkata Krishnasri Kurada

Assistant Professor Email: krishnasri.che@iipe.ac.in

PhD Scholars

L Karunakar Reddy

Email: karunakar.lomanda@iipe.ac.in
Research Area:Thermal Energy Storage

Diwakar Patel

Research Area: Waste Water Treatment

Himanshu Asati

Email: himanshuasati@iipe.ac.in
Research Area:Advanced Materials for Energy and Waste Water Treatment

Mr. Pedapati R Krishna,

Email: pedapatikrishna.che@iipe.ac.in
Research Area: Data Science and /Machine learning, Chemical Process Systems

Mr. Ankit Rawal,

Email: ankitrawal.che@iipe.ac.in
Research Area:Chemical Engineering


Email: dharmanachanikya@iipe.ac.in
Research Area:Chemical Engineering


Research Area:Chemical Engineering


Satyaprasad Yerra

Email: lab.che@iipe.ac.in
Lab Assistant


The department currently has the following broad research themes. Research areas of faculty members can be obtained by clicking on the individual faculty names. List of faculty working on a particular research theme can be obtained by hovering over those research theme images. Click on the links in the individual research themes to know more about them.

  • All Faculty
  • Dr. Venkata Reddy
  • Dr. Dipankar Pal
  • Dr. Raka Mondal
  • Dr. Tanneru Hemanth Kumar
  • Dr. Balla Mounika
  • Dr. Kurada Venkata Krishnasri
  • Dr. Ravi Kumar Sonwani
  • Dr. Sridhar Palla
  • Dr. Mandapaka Ravi Kiran
  • Dr. Seshagiri Rao Ambati

Campus Placements

Recruiters from both public and private sectors related to the downstream processing of the oil and gas industry are visiting the department for campus placements. Apart from the traditional refining jobs, organizations working on the allied areas of construction, analytics, marketing and edutech companies having the oil and gas energy vertices also visited the department for placements for the passed out batches. Some of our previous recruiters are

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