R&D Showcase

R & D Showcase is a talent hunt event planned to be conducted by the Indian Institute of Petroleum and Energy which would motivate people to think creatively and come up with environment friendly solutions for environmental issues.

The participants would be given guidelines as per the topics chosen from the list of topics available. The participants would be expected to submit reports on the research carried out on the chosen topic. A working model will have to be presented along with the idea.

The reason behind wanting to conduct this event is to persuade people to think of environment friendly solutions to secure our future; to bring great minds together to be able to achieve our goals of a harmless environment.

The event is open for all students and faculties, from IIPE and also other colleges. This event is proposed to be held from 21st to 23rd of November this year.

To apply, please fill the given form: R & D Showcase Application Form