Dr. Varanai Swambabu Assistant Professor

Cellulosic nanometrials, Membrane Technology, Biomass utilization


Email: swambabu.che@iipe.ac.in

Phone : +91891 2856033


Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering (May 2011 – March 2014) , Monash University, Melbourne, Australia 

M.Tech. in Process Engineering and Design (2004-2006) , Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi, India 

B. Tech. in Chemical Engineering (2000-2004) , Andhra University, Visakhapatnam, India

Professional Experience

Assistant Professor – Indian Institute of Petroleum and Energy, Visakhapatnam – Feb 2018 onwards

Research Fellow - Monash University, Clayton, Melbourne, Australia - June 2014 to Feb 2018

Assistant Professor – Sastra University, Tamilnadu – July 2007 to April 2011

Teaching Engagements

AUTUMN Semester

  • Chemical Process Calculations
  • Chemical Reaction Engineering - 2
  • Process Control
Spring Semester
  • Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics
  • Chemical Process Technology
  • Petroleum Refinery Engineering

Awards and Honors

• Best Lecturer award (2008 and 2009) at SASTRA University, India. 

• Best student award (2004) during B.Tech at Andhra University, India.

• Post graduate Publication Award (PPA) (March 2014 – May 2014) at Monash University.


Material composition and method of producing a material composition with enhanced barrier properties, Varanasi, S., Batchelor, W., Simon, G., Garnier, G., Filed on 10th March with the application number is WO2017/152217A1.

Journal Publications

1. Varanasi, S., Gausinghe, U.M., Garnier, G., Batchelor, W. (2018) Novel In-situ Precipitation Process to Engineer Low Permeability Porous Composite, Scientific Reports (Nature group), 2018,8:10747.

2. Varanasi, S., Henzel, L., Mendoza, L., Pratapan, R., Batchelor, W., Garnier, G. (2018) Pickering emulsions electrostatically stabilized by Cellulose nanocrystals, Frontiers in Chemistry ,2018,6,409.

3. Varanasi, S., Henzel, L., Sharman, S.,Batchelor, W., Garnier, G. (2018) Production of nanofibers from carrots with a chemical free process, Carbohydrate polymers, 187, 307-214.

4. Gausinghe, U.M., Varanasi, S., Raghuwanshi, V.S., Batchelor, W., Garnier, G. (2018), Nanocellulose-Montmorillonite Composites of Low Water Vapour Permeability, Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects, 2018,540,233-241

5. Shanmugam, K., Varanasi, S., Garnier, G., Batchelor, W. (2018) Flexible Spray Coating Process for Smooth Nanocellulose Film Production, Cellulose ,25(3),1725-1741.

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13. Varanasi, S., Batchelor, W (2014) Superior non-woven sheet forming characteristics of low-density cationic polymer – cellulose nanofibre colloids. Cellulose, 21, 3541-3550. (IF – 3.195, Citations - 8)

14. Varanasi, S., He, R., Batchelor, W. (2013) Estimation of cellulose nanofibre aspect ratio from measurements of fibre suspension gel point. Cellulose, 20(4), 1885-1896. (IF – 3.195, Citations - 24)

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16. Varanasi, S.,Chiam, H.H., Batchelor, W. (2012) Application and Interpretation of zero and short span testing on nanofibre sheet materials. Nordic Pulp& Paper Res. Journal, 27(2), 343-352. (IF – 1.062, Citations - 7)

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18. Varanasi, S., Balasubramanian P (2010) Simple model for finding the efficiency of a uniflow cyclone. Filtration 10 (1), 71-78

19. Revuri, P., Varanasi, S., Purushothaman. V. (2010) Investigation of the biosorption mechanism of Methylene blue unto press mud through kinetic modelling analysis. Indian Journal of Science and Technology 3(1) ,44-47.

Conference Publications

1. Varanasi, S., Simon, G., Garnier, G., Batchelor, W.(2017) Novel In-situ precipitation concept for developing green barrier materials. International conference on nanotechnology for renewable materials. June 4nd-8th Montreal, Canada.

2. Varanasi, S., Simon, G., Garnier, G., Batchelor, W.(2016) Novel Nonocellulose/ Nanoparticle Composites for packaging applications. Tech connect world innovation conference and expo. May 22nd-25th Washington, DC, USA.

3. Varanasi, S., Garnier, G., Batchelor, W. (2015). High wet strength and super hydrophobic nanofibre barriers. Tappi International conference on Nanotechnology for Renewable materials. Atlanta, GA, USA.

4. Varanasi, S., Batchelor, W. (2014). Review – mechanical properties of cellulose nanofibre films. International conference on Nanotechnology for Renewable materials. Vancouver, Canada.

5. Varanasi, S., Batchelor, W. (2012). Preparation of a Cellulose nanofibre, TiO2 nano particle and cataionic poly electrolyte composite. International Conference on Emerging Advanced Nanomaterials, Brisbane, Australia.

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