Stream: Chemical Engineering

  1. Dr. P. Venkata Reddy

Process Systems Engineering.

  1. Dr. Raka Mondal

Photocatalysis by mixed matrix membrane, Simulation of coupled transport in porous medium, Composite membrane for ion transport.

  1. Dr. Pratibha Biswal

Latent heat based thermal storage systems, Thermodynamic performance analysis of solar stills, Turbine blade cooling: Modelling and simulation.

  1. Dr. T. Hemanth Kumar

Renewable Energy Harvesting Systems: Modelling and Simulation; AI for catalyst and drug design.

  1. Dr. Dipankar Pal

Surface Modification of Polymeric Materials by Plasma Treatment.

Stream: Petroleum Engineering

  1. Dr. Rajat Jain

Drilling fluid design and analysis; Enhanced Oil Recovery, Well stimulation techniques

  1. Dr. Himangshu Kakati

Gas hydrate, Enhance Oil Recovery and Hydraulic Fracturing Fluid Design.

  1. Dr. Shailesh Kumar

Flow assurance problems; Heavy crude oil-in-water emulsion; Enhanced oil recovery; Drilling fluid design and analysis, Petroleum production problems.

  1. Dr. P. Sivasankar

Enhanced Oil Recovery; Reservoir Modelling and Simulation; Multiphase Flow and Transport Processes in Porous Media.

Stream: Earth Science

  1. Dr. Ranjan Pramanik

Computational Geomechanics, Hydraulic fracture propagation modelling, Meshfree methods and Reservoir Simulation.

  1. Dr. Deepak A Mishra

Engineering Properties of rocks and soil; Rock mass characterization; Rock Failure Mechanism. 

Stream: Mechanical Engineering  

  1. Dr. Arun Kumar Pujari

Heat transfer and fluid flow analysis, Aerodynamic analysis of turbomachinery flows, CFD applications in oil and gas sector.

Stream: Electrical Engineering

  1. Dr. G. Nagesh

Power Quality Aspects in Distribution Power System and interactive Microgrid.

Stream: Biology

  1. Dr. P. Aparoy

Bioinformatics and Molecular Modelling based approaches for Protein Engineering.

Stream: Chemistry

  1. Dr. Chanchay Gupta

Fluorescent Molecular Materials: Fabrication, Properties and Applications.

  1. Dr. Somnath Ghosh

Exploitation of smart Nanomaterials in Bio-application.

Stream: Mathematics

  1. Dr. S. Rathan

Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing,  Partial Differential equations, Hyperbolic conservation laws.

  1. Dr. Ramunaidu

Frame theory, Sparse representation theory and their applications in Machine Learning

Stream: Computer Science

  1. Dr. CV Rao

Distributed Computing in Big Data Analytics.



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