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The Petroleum University which had been accorded as a boon to Andhra Pradesh State in India as a part of in the reorganization of the State during 2014 is established under the title Indian Institute of Petroleum & Energy known as IIPE-Visakhapatnam. This institute started by Govt. of India (Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas) is enacted by Parliament and after signature of HE President of India who is also the visitor of IIPE, the act is gazette in January 2018. This act enables IIPE to be Institute of National Importance at par with IITs and IIMs.

The motive of the organization is to well establish as an academic Institute with research potential in the area of Petroleum and Energy. Both areas have lot of potential and justification to start at Visakhapatnam as KG (Krishna Godavari) Basin is now identified as the richest potential for Oil and Natural Gas resources. As the Oil and Natural Gas resources to be explored from KG basin challenges the very tough technology due to the phenomenally different Bay of Bengal. Now is the high time to explore new inventions of technology for exploring the same very comfortably.

While this is so by and large globally the fossil fuel resources are on the weenie, the need for exploring alternative energy resources is the top most priority in the present scenario. Hence, the non-conventional energy like Solar Energy, Wind Energy, Tidal Energy etc., are to be tapped with the application of Nano Technology designs, such that the energy requirement of the world can comfortably be solved for the future generations. Even if 1% of the total Solar Energy can be tapped, we can meet the entire requirement of our Country. Presently it is not exhaustive to state that only a negligible fraction of the Solar Energy is being tapped. The institute IIPE-Visakhapatnam is to shift to Sabbavaram, Visakhapatnam from its present temporary campus at Andhra University into its permanent campus of 201.88 Acres soon once it’s ready.

This institute is started with only 2 programs at undergraduate level i.e. B.Tech (Chemical Engineering) and B.Tech.(Petroleum Engineering) with 50 seats each. Post Graduate Courses, in Chemical, Petroleum and other energy related programmes, with stress on the research are being planned to be initiated in the Institute to help in establishment of Petroleum Units and other energy sector units and are likely to start very soon in a couple of years.

The Research covers all the areas including Biological, Electrical, Civil, Mechanical, Geological programs which contributed in minor and major way in exploring and improving the production and utilization of various energy resources. Ultimately, the goal is to make this Institute an Institute of International repute competing with global institutes in Research and innovative Technology.

Being a very infant institute, the planning is started and already 3 Institutes from abroad have approached the IIPE for tie-up. Incidentally, IIPE could sing an MoU with Texas (A&M) University, USA for exchange of faculty, coordinate in research field and help in internship for students. IIPE has signed with University of Houston, which facilitates exchange of faculty, students and for research collaboration, apart from internship for the students. In the very beginning stages itself IIPE is planning in a very modest way to establish itself in an innovative way to develop the students to generate novel ideas in their brain box.

Yours in the cause of academics,
(Dr. VSRK Prasad)

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